The Colors Too Deep, The Heart Through Which It Peep, The Energy It Bounds and The Light Where it Crowns, Face Being The Target and Our Hands The Bow, Arrow The Path Through Which The Waves of Love Flow with The Happiness Surrounding Rain All Over. 

Occasions are Love, Festivals Are Deep, Heart Going Mad, The Flow Of Life, The Energy and The Guide, The Vibrant Behavior in Every Color, The Attractiveness of Red, The Beauty in The Green, The Wide Spread of Blue, The Stinging of Yellow and The Love in The Pink, Every Color Being So Bright, Every Expression Making It Right and The Heart Going Wild.

Holi The Festival of Hope, Holi The Festival of Color, Again a Festival of Good Over Bad, A Hope To Reunite Friends and Relations, Enjoying Livelihood and Loving Every One, Moments were Captured When It Was Early Morning and The Colors Were Kept on The Table, And The Other One When We all Enjoyed The Festival and Created  The Bonds of Love.

Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors! The Colors of Hope, The Festival of Love, 

The Valleys of Shine, The Mindset in A While, The Ray of Life, The Beauty of Light, Reality of Curves, The Protection of The Stuff, The Remembrances of Facts, The Solid in Terms of Carvings of Knowledge.

Words are Phrases, Beauty is The Phrase, Sentences in The Alphabets Tend To Change, We Rely on The Path To Roam Everywhere, Finding Answers to The Questions That Really Aren't Strange. Lets Focus on The Path, Lets Focus On The Brain, Books Are Banks, Vaults Filled With Grain, Knowledge in The Form of The Grain.

Captured This Moment, Captured The Light, In The Alone Corner of The Library in A Single Sight. Moments are Remembered, Every Time We Stay So I took My Smartphone, Captured The Moment In The College Library To Reunite The Light, Reunite The Focus, Book Shelf's at The Corner Is All What I Can Say.

A Knowledge Database is What We Tend To Find, But Being In The Library is Also a While. Books of Love, Topics Being Vast, Rest Is All Which Depends On The Past.

The Colors Of Attraction, The Color Of The Reel, The Love Being Faded, Hope full Every Dream, Desires Burning, Energizing Spree, Colors Enriched And The Only Dream.

The Light of Love, The Color of Aspiration, The Deep Soul Inside, The Roses in The Sight, Colors Spread ed all Over, But Attraction Just Of A While, Beauty And The Desire Being The Backbone Of Life, The Color Being The Path, Shedding Sprinkles From The Flight, The Spikes Getting Neglected, The Greenery Behind The Bars, The Motion Of Reality Making The Path.

Beautiful Days, Beautiful Light, As There Are 2 Pics in This Post, One Is Captured By Me From The Garden Maintained Outside The Home Where I Live, It Was Just a Piece of Attraction Which I Got Attracted Towards and made me Capture a Beauty In The Scenario, The Other One Is Captured From The Nurseries Which Sells Plants and Flowers, I Captured Both Of Them With my Smartphone and The Heart Which I Truly Rely Upon.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.” -  By OSHO

Happy Rose Day To One And All, Because Its Just Beauty Redfined

The Colors Deep Dark Down, The Pride And The Valor Being The Crown, The Chakra On The Surface, Saffron Of Beauty, Peace in The White, Love Towards The Nature in The Green, The Wheel of Unite, Combining Every Stripe Making The World Bright.

I Love The Patriotism, I Love The Peace, But What I Do Really Care For Is The Real Integrity, WORLD PEACE IS WHAT I LOVE, No Borders and No Fights Is What I Wanna Serve, Loving Ever One, Trusting Every One At least For A While, Beautifying Every Place, Developing With Every While, Loving The Artifact in The Smile.

This Pic Is By a Smartphone Taken By Me While Hosting The Patriotic Day and Enjoying in Every Smile. Experiencing the Beauty and Being The Lead For a While.


Miserable Beauty, mystical dreams, beautiful life, energizing aspirations, paths of life, drastic ways, different worlds, hap-tic feedback, work to do, limit being the sky, beauty all over by.

The day starts, the fight begins, the beauty comes all over, the rise of the Amid stream, the love being all green, the time started back, the hope ever lasts, thinking of the style, reuniting the hope and the happiness, going back to the road we chose, Traveling to make life better, daily packing the bag , stretching the back moving freely and strengthening the body to give a boost to get things in life. Enjoying each and every moment spreading joy in every while.

As The Days Started Rolling again, The College Life Reinstated, and The Journey Begins Towards a New Step, This Pic Has Been Taken By Me in The Route That I was Covering For Reaching Home Again, A Pic in The Roadways Bus. As Everyone was Waiting For Their Destination, I Didn't Hesitate Even Once To Capture This View. And as Every View Counts, This Pic Also Had a Story Behind It.

Never Run Away From The Perfect Moments, Gadgets Are Never Going To Ruin Your Photography, Its All our View, Its All Your Charm

When The Winter is at Its Peak and Beauty Is In The Fog, The Chill, The Peaceful Color and The Scent of Freshness Spread All over With Hearts Winded Away

Sometimes We Just Let Our Heart Blow Away, And Let Our Desires Flow In, No Conceptual Thinking Only Dreaming, Fulfilling Beauties and Energy on the Run, Beautifying Every Concept and Carving All The Fun, The Run Is in The Life, The Heart Is In Your Beauty, Foggy Weather Out But Still Clean Inside The Shout, Blissful Life and A Unusual Revile.

Winters Are Special and So Was That Day, The Early Morning Rise and My Heart Gone Wild, Saw The Beauty and Ran Away To Experience The Fun, Reveling The Truth Hidden Behind Every Corner, Capturing Life, Experiencing Dreams, Open Eyes Still Wandering Wide, No Fear For The Cost Of This While, Loving The Look, Admiring The Flow That Wandered and Flowed Me Inside The River of Care.

Beauty Is At Every Step, Energy At Every While, Braving Yourself Enough To Get Unified.

The Run, The Life, The Hectic Schedule, The Duties, The Responsibilities, The Work, The Burning Desire, The Soul and The Fight of The Dreams To Achieve and The Strive To Love.

Why are We So Busy, Why We are We Finding Goals for Life, Why Undesirable Things Are Our Dreams and Why We Fight For A Life, We Have Forgotten The Love Of Relaxing, Instead We Have A Fear Of Not Doing Anything, We Don't Have a Way Out of Loneliness, We Feel Insecure If We Are Free. Life is Too Complicated, So At This Time We Should Be Leaning To Love and Admire, Thinking Slowly, Running away from Every Complication and Returning The Fear to All Who Cease it.

The Day Was Beautiful But Smog Was Everywhere, Life Was Full But Tensed Everywhere, Went To the Park nearby CP, Where Dad Removed his Shoes, and Me Experimenting on The Loose, I Captured a Lot, But This Brought Me Feelings, a Shot Which Was Just Captured For Fun Unraveling all The Situations and All The Complexities in My Mind, Beautifying With Moments And Love.

Let's Get Free For a While, Let's Get Strong in The Wild, Lets Remain Calm Until We Decide, Beautifying The Moments of Stars and Loving All The Light.

Life Started, It Crawled, Acted Upon till the goodness of Good, It Never Paused and continued Over, Nothing Changed Only Remained a Over, Faking Boundations And Faking Hearts, Faking Anxiety to spread all over.

Why We Feel So Stressed, Why We Make Our self Immature, Why We Hate The Gift, Why We Stole for Free, Why we Get Depressed over Tiny Things, Why We Charge Our self's for Anything Disbelief. Energy Wasting For Stupid Lessons and Showing Our self's for just Being a Freak. Hating Each Other, Lying For Love, Needing Life To Get Over Each Other, Killing Aspirations, Killing The Dreams, Loosing Our Hearts and Being in the Steep.

When The Days are Cold and The Sun is The Source, Was Sitting On The Terrace, Where a Housefly came and Started Hissing Around me, I Already Had A Camera, Didn't Miss and Captured That Moment, Realized to take more and loved their pics too. Beauty is What You Can Find in Anything, You Just Have To Find It In The Deepest Corner of The Shelf.

Beauty Is The Admiration of Love and Positive Vibes Over The Beautiful Filled Life Covered With Layers Of Love

The Colors, Deep Darkened Inside, The Beauty of the Alcoholic Light, The Taste Which Makes Us Divine, Inside The Love Of Our Own Cuisine. Lets Bath Into The Showers Of Natural Light, Giving Our Heart A Delightful Design.

The Birds are The Natural ambassadors of the Sky, The Boss Is Everyone who Knows How to Fly, The Skills and The Techniques are Opportunities to Reach the top, Branches Of Light Creating a Stop, Trees and Their Branches are equally in support to the desire of Love And the Dreams we built in the galaxy of unknown is what we reel. Designs and The Curves, Taste Of Every Love, Footpath to The Success and a unknown Dream in the Closet.

Its The Evening of The First Day Of The Year, The Love and 2017 being welcomed all overcoming over the fear, The Sun Was Being Welcomed by the Murder of Crows and I Hoped in To Catch it all, My Ambitions were to take a steep step ahead and capture the Beautiful Life, Fools were all those Who Ran Away From The Light, I captured a Few Shots Every-time i believed in which i got this Candid Shot of The Free, The Ambitions of The Crow to Be The Eagle in The Group Leading Towards The Heap of Something New.

Nature is The Beauty we All Should Admire, Its The Beauty that We All Desire, Capturing The Moments Just Give a Lifetime Memory and The Energy with it Stays All Over The Spree.

The Sun Shines Bright and The Beautiful Rays Go Inside The Sweetness of the Heart.

A Ray of Light, A Ray of Hope,
The Sweetness of Love, The Beauty of Heart.
Rumors all over, Trees Shielding down,
The Queen of Love is What I've Found.

The Path enriching the Life, Goes Up Ahead,
way Beyond The Stars, Its Hard to Forget.
The Day of Beauty is What I've Found,
in each One's Destiny Something Lies Around.

Lying on the path, of the sweetness trail,
sun Rising up to the Peak we Feel.
Lets Must try to Reach Over There,
to Touch Our Dream so we will flare.

Energizing the soul, to keep our day,
Saving the world to help us Stay.

When The Clouds are Open in The Mist, The Scenes are Mystical and That Day When I Took This Pic It Was Among Those Precious and Beautiful Moments, As Soon as Tried Capturing Few Pic I Got This One Among Them 

Dreams are The Real Truth, Reality Is Still Your Choice