This Time, Its a Poem, Its My Hear Speaking Out and My Mind Wrapping It Up. I Feel We Are a Part Of The Game and We are Just Characters, Every One Living Their Role As The Main Character.......

Energising The Day, With Your Own Destiny
Loving The Way With Your Own Harmony,
Life is a Long Way Far Ahead,
Getting Spikes and Challenges on The Tread.

You'll Get Your Providence, on which you rely,
From The Dreams You Dreamt in The Sky.
Oh The Almighty, Oh The Cosmos,

I Am Your Urchin, I Am The Cause.
Fulfill My Ambition, Fulfill The gear,
Your'e The Deity, Your'e The Heir.

I Want To Elevate in the macrocosm

I Want To Turn Out The Trepidation
Want To Roam Out In The World
Finding Hearts All Of The Above.

My Intention Is To achieve My Purpose, To Love And Support All The Care Takers.

My Life is Fullfilled of Hopes, That I Will Surely Execute For All,
Unflagging The Life For the Whole Jest, Till I Am Gonna Play For Sure.

This Pic Was A Memory When I was Waiting For the Train To Pass By At The Railway Crossing and As I Was Waiting, So I Started Admiring Everything I Could See, It Was The Lights Which Attracted Me Which Went All Over A Spot In The Sky after The Sun Set Down, I Captured The Moment Of Both Landscape And Nature Where Almighty Was At Its Best.

Even Though If Life is A Game, Accomplishing Missions is the Fame and Admiring The Steps and Enjoying Life Is What Creates The Name.


Walk, Run, Think Again, Beauty Everywhere, Color in The Atmosphere, Attraction Of life, Taste to Delight, Energy In The Soul, Heart Warming For Every Goal, Life Being Easy, Heart On The Stake, Energizing The Beauty With Every Step You Make.

The Colors of Life are so deep that we are bounded into it, we just get digged inside the pit and we don't realize as nothing happens with us and only the surroundings change. That Change, That Color, That Beauty and The Emotions. We Don't Realize But We Lose a Lot in The Process, Redefining The Relations, The Bond And The Love Needs the Valor and The Courage To Beautify Your Entire Life.

It Was Deep Shiny Day, The Natural Colors of Life Popping Out and Attracting Everyone Towards It, On That Day I went on a Visit to the farms and was experiencing the bond of relations and learning some new facts and figures, that was a session full of photography to me, i crawled my eyes everywhere i could and found this bug as my moment and got attracted towards its colors and beauty, having a smartphone in my hand, and therefore i captured the pic.

We Love Colors, We Attract Beauty, Heart Gets Warmed in The Process and Life Moves on with Rest.


You Roam, You Dream, You Run, Banishing Things In Every Moment, Living to Enjoy, Experiencing to Love, Tasting Life Experiencing Moments.

Food Is Life and Moments are Dreams, Beauty is Heart and Experiencing It is Life, The Colors of Each Step and The Taste is Not Of Food But It Is The Moments We live, Enjoy The Beauty and that when want to relive those precious entity every time, everywhere and learn the beauty of Flavors.

This Photo is among the pics when the spark ignited inside me to capture beauty, When i Realized the Need of Gadgets and Moments To Be captured, The New Camera was Bought and I Was Experimenting to Buy Some Squirrels inside my frame which seemed to me as impossible at that time, As I Wanted Some Pics, I Put A Few Pieces of Paratha Over the Park Girl To Attract Few Squirrels, I Waited for a Long Time and Then One Came Right There in front of me Trying To Snatch The Flavor of the Food and There I Captured The Loving Moment.

Enjoying Flavors and Tasting Every Bit of Life is The Best Dish In The World


The Middle of Something, The Hope of Life, The Energizing Days and The Magical Moments of Life. The Beauty Of The Fuel and The Warming Supply, Heating the Woods to Ignite Everywhere.

When the Beauty Comes from the heart and happiness spreads everywhere, joy of sharing becomes the Motto and Experiencing Fun The Flavors of Life filled with Happiness. Wishing You All Merry Christmas, and Hope So You are Having Fun With You and Your Family.

This Photo was taken during the previous winters, As usual in the winters it was a fog stricken day, with chilled weather outside and a day when people got the chance to ignite the wood to warm themselves, As i Love to Capture things and was enjoying capturing moments, i Captured the Fire and Loved Its Beauty.
Today as it's Christmas, Wishing You All A Merry Christmas and Hope So You Enjoyed The Day With your Lovable's. Enjoy The Moments With This Beautiful Tune By My Friend HIMANSHU SAINI........


The Sadness in their eyes, The eyes looking for love, The Search for Happiness, The Need of Food, The Starving Health, The Pleading nature and The Cruel Hands.

Life isn't easy for everyone, some experience fun and some experience the cruelty, Dreams going into the trash, starving for basic needs, pleading for help, life at the moment when finding food is not a luxury but a need to live life, The Eyes filled with fear, the grass being the food and the eyes finding the love of life. Its never the easiest moment to experience peace with chains bounded over the head and stick lying around.

The Day was foggy and the place was still populated over the park at Connaught place, Delhi. The pigeons were flying with their own souls set free and mind to wonder everything, That Day I was in New Delhi, i was roaming there to capture the one moment for the canon photo marathon 2016 when i saw a man coming towards me with two monkeys who coincidentally sat nearby me, I saw the monkeys, they were eating grass, the fear on their face and the sadness in their eyes and that was the moment when i captured the shot.
You can love everyday, every-time and admire everyone, beauty is in your heart and your eyes.


Days Pass On, Moments still stand there, life goes on, Love stays there, in a bond of unity there is faith, there is hope and happiness.

We all are creatures of love, we try to remain in peace and spread happiness for everyone, sharing is the key behind all this, vibes of energy is an ingredient filled with lots of sweetness dipped in the flavour of joy. Celebration of every small thing should be our priority, as we all people are day by day getting involved into something bigger and getting away from our real relations. Making Motto of our life to live and celebrate.

This moment is captured by me, exactly a year back, when I visited the village to celebrate the birthday of a beautiful princess, for whom words would be less to describe, my cousin sister, it was a family gathering where we all stood to spread our love and celebrate the auspicious ceremony. 

Time is just a boundation created by us to live in discipline, but it shouldn't be a priority over your family and relations.


Dreams are Built, Missions are Set, Accomplishing Them is only Left, Life is a Dream and it Contains a Story Ahead Which is Weaved With Every Step You Take, Every Decision Has A New Side, Entangled with Each Other Making It Alive.

Life is a cycle and we are a part of it, Clouds are dense, sun is the focusing element and it attracts us towards its beauty and light. We all are flames of fire, we all have the burning energy inside us, the desire to do all the things we love, aims which we made for our life, energizing and making them true is our only wish, the wish to get success at every point of life.

It Was The Beautiful Evening of Winter, The Winter's was almost gone and the days were being hazy, that day the sun broke the chains and was set free to flee apart and get succeed in its plan of venture. As it stood apart, the day became warmer and the clouds roamed around. As the day was about to end, i brought my camera to get a few shots of beautiful desires of the sun and the clouds which in fact became more fortunate when the bird came in between while going back to a pay the visit to its family.

Succeeding in everything is not the aim, the aim is to gather, learn and experiencing every move towards the road of entity towards your dream.


The Bonds of valor, The Life Full of Flavor, The Matching Bond, The Life Time Love, The Every Condition Support, The Region of Mind which doesn't Bound the Strengths to overcome any HURDLE in Life.

Poverty is still a big part of the Country, Food is still a part of life, Cooperation with each other is the key and health is the life-line. We all people like to live together, share together and still there is a huge difference between the rich and the poor, everyone is different everyone has its own perspective to see life through their own eyes.

It was the Canon Photo Marathon 2016 and i was collecting pics for the perfect entry to submit in the contest, it was a hazy day and even though in the afternoon the smog was still there, then my eyes struck on a moment where this couple was cooking their meal near the JLN Stadium and still enjoying cooking with each other, the fire was set, dough was nearly prepared and same on my side the camera was set, the moment was locked which gave me this perfect moment of their life.

With every day you earn some experiences and with with every experience you owe a new story to tell everyone.


The Light Tearing apart from deep inside the leaves, leaving love and admiration for the symmetry to glow away and get focused to give light everywhere it .

Days start getting the same way once you join the college, either you are a day scholar or a hostler, its the same like you being in the school days. Wake up, get ready, catch the road and visit the temple of education, especially for the first year it is like being a children of 1st class as if you have been degraded from the class. Everyone treats you like a new born in the world of unexpected journeys.

Often these are my days, but luckily the day when i took this shoot, the first semesteral exams were over my head and i was preparing myself for the battle which i had to fought the next day, it was a preparatory leave therefore i was kinda bored studying for a while, as it was already evening i went outside, started roaming near by and admiring the nature, then i saw the sun was shining bright and it was the last peak of the sun, it was getting dressed with orange suit all over the sky, completely ready for the party and ready to say goodbye, therefore i brought my camera and focused against the light while the trees were being my shield.

I took a few shots and got carried over with the orange sky, the love it was possessing, the strength it was providing and making me enhance my hands over the energetic colors of life.

The Focus and The Glare, The Shot to Beware, The Trees with Leaf and the Focus is still too deep, Energizing the moment and still getting believed.


The Colors, The Beauty, The Shine, The Glory, The Actions and The Desire. Peacock, one among the most Beautiful birds of all Time. Their Shape, Their Style, The Smoothness in their skin and the feathers to say it all. 

A Day different from the Usual ones, this time it was a cousins wedding ceremony. Visiting paternal aunty's Village (Father's Sister) is always an occasion to buy some photographs for the eyes to see them, It was the marriage of my cousin sister and that day we all woke up early, got ready and arrangements were taking place for the guests as well as the food, the setups and the rush, everything was going on.

In that rush i still heard a sound which was usual for everyone living there but different for me , so in search of that sound i looked up to the sky and saw the terrace, i took my camera, steadily ran above and saw the auspicious, beautiful bird, dressed like a bride itself and giving me different looks and valuable time. So i too snatched the moment into the heart of camera and my mind, providing me the beautiful scenario of mother nature.

That Pose was the proud moment of being well dressed for life, giving the Beautiful bird its Pride.


The Kindness, the patience, the storm, the love, the sympathy, the fear, the war, All of above the beauty in the eyes, the fear of life, the glow of charm, the smoothness in the fur and the reaction to take it all.

Eyes opened with the essence of nature, the scent of life and sounds of love. Its none another than my village. I woke up and as i was on the terrace of my home, i saw the beauty of nature, the soothness of the sun and the lovely rays of love. As I Looked down from the terrace to another room i saw kitties cuddling and playing with each other. Enjoying the Moment and that struck my mind with the idea "That Today i Got the Moment to capture understanding and life". I soon Went down with my Smartphone to capture the shots, but as soon as i entered the room, the kitties hid away, They ran away, they broke my Heart and sympathy for them. I Tried a lot, waited for an Hour, from different perspectives and different views i tried to capture them, but still remained unsuccessful. Then i went back to daily life and exploring the village.

Now it was the sun shining bright above the head, it was mid noon and my eyes just again got diverted towards the room, i remembered the kittens and as i entered the room with my smartphone, i saw them resting around, hugging each other, loving and caring. I tried to took a few pics and sadly they both ran away. Again it was a failure for me, but i didn't rest this time, this time i needed the shot. They Came Back again and were trying to sleep that time i slinked in and suddenly one of those kitten ran away, and the other stared at me. 

That Moment, That Love, That Fear is what i Got in The Pic.


The beauty which we redeem in every step to move forward, the sky, the colors and the deemed beauty of life. The love and the passion to move forward is all we want to achieve, The trees the sky and every little aspect of life are a part of the journey. 

We Move Forward and look above, look everywhere it never changes and always stays there for us. Making us Feel special and believe that your'e not alone. We are Standing right there to Believe in you and help to take decision without fear in achieving the topmost height you can. Bit by Bit, Step By Step we Climb to the ladder and still we always see the sky above us, beautifying for no reason to love, no reason to support and facing every one.

It was a trip to Deoband (Uttar Pradesh, India), at that time i only had a smartphone with me and i was just roaming here and there just to full-fill my desire to capture a few moments. It was the marriage ceremony of my sister's friend and i was completely bored, as they all were getting ready, i wanted to explore another city and create a lovable bond with another city. So i traveled here and there, visited some parks and nearby location to explore what all i could. 

The Color of the sky was astonishing and the heart just went all along with it, devoted the presence and mind, it was like a meditation for a while and i just managed to capture a few shots, until it was dark outside. The mosquitoes were also the spikes in the way, still i loved to capture the scenic beauty of Deoband. It was just a beautifull colony and some really lovable trees which diverted my mind and attracted me to capture them.

Life is short whereas places aren't, Roaming and exploring as much as possible is all what we can do.


Things are beautiful everywhere, you just need to see it from a new perspective. Nature always attracts us, nature redefines the love, the bond, the life.
This attraction towards this bud is seemingly graceful that we just have to look at the deep colors, to soothe our mind and to dive in peaceful space. Calming our mind, making it realize, that we all need a break to go and Hop into this universe.

The Sun was shining Bright, a Beautiful day in the mystical days of winter. The Fog shed way earlier than usual and a new bud was transforming itself into life. The Sun was in the favor and the focus was of light. As it was the winter on board we all just try a bit to get outside and explore the Beauty, the nature provides us, the sun is the only reason we stand still and give our pride to. So i too got outside and as i was roaming my eyes struck upon this beautiful tiny bud and to capture this i brought my camera and captured this pic of the transformation in life. 

Loving the Nature, Attracting it, experiencing it, is a big gift to it.