Days Pass On, Moments still stand there, life goes on, Love stays there, in a bond of unity there is faith, there is hope and happiness.

We all are creatures of love, we try to remain in peace and spread happiness for everyone, sharing is the key behind all this, vibes of energy is an ingredient filled with lots of sweetness dipped in the flavour of joy. Celebration of every small thing should be our priority, as we all people are day by day getting involved into something bigger and getting away from our real relations. Making Motto of our life to live and celebrate.

This moment is captured by me, exactly a year back, when I visited the village to celebrate the birthday of a beautiful princess, for whom words would be less to describe, my cousin sister, it was a family gathering where we all stood to spread our love and celebrate the auspicious ceremony. 

Time is just a boundation created by us to live in discipline, but it shouldn't be a priority over your family and relations.