The Sadness in their eyes, The eyes looking for love, The Search for Happiness, The Need of Food, The Starving Health, The Pleading nature and The Cruel Hands.

Life isn't easy for everyone, some experience fun and some experience the cruelty, Dreams going into the trash, starving for basic needs, pleading for help, life at the moment when finding food is not a luxury but a need to live life, The Eyes filled with fear, the grass being the food and the eyes finding the love of life. Its never the easiest moment to experience peace with chains bounded over the head and stick lying around.

The Day was foggy and the place was still populated over the park at Connaught place, Delhi. The pigeons were flying with their own souls set free and mind to wonder everything, That Day I was in New Delhi, i was roaming there to capture the one moment for the canon photo marathon 2016 when i saw a man coming towards me with two monkeys who coincidentally sat nearby me, I saw the monkeys, they were eating grass, the fear on their face and the sadness in their eyes and that was the moment when i captured the shot.
You can love everyday, every-time and admire everyone, beauty is in your heart and your eyes.