The Kindness, the patience, the storm, the love, the sympathy, the fear, the war, All of above the beauty in the eyes, the fear of life, the glow of charm, the smoothness in the fur and the reaction to take it all.

Eyes opened with the essence of nature, the scent of life and sounds of love. Its none another than my village. I woke up and as i was on the terrace of my home, i saw the beauty of nature, the soothness of the sun and the lovely rays of love. As I Looked down from the terrace to another room i saw kitties cuddling and playing with each other. Enjoying the Moment and that struck my mind with the idea "That Today i Got the Moment to capture understanding and life". I soon Went down with my Smartphone to capture the shots, but as soon as i entered the room, the kitties hid away, They ran away, they broke my Heart and sympathy for them. I Tried a lot, waited for an Hour, from different perspectives and different views i tried to capture them, but still remained unsuccessful. Then i went back to daily life and exploring the village.

Now it was the sun shining bright above the head, it was mid noon and my eyes just again got diverted towards the room, i remembered the kittens and as i entered the room with my smartphone, i saw them resting around, hugging each other, loving and caring. I tried to took a few pics and sadly they both ran away. Again it was a failure for me, but i didn't rest this time, this time i needed the shot. They Came Back again and were trying to sleep that time i slinked in and suddenly one of those kitten ran away, and the other stared at me. 

That Moment, That Love, That Fear is what i Got in The Pic.