The Middle of Something, The Hope of Life, The Energizing Days and The Magical Moments of Life. The Beauty Of The Fuel and The Warming Supply, Heating the Woods to Ignite Everywhere.

When the Beauty Comes from the heart and happiness spreads everywhere, joy of sharing becomes the Motto and Experiencing Fun The Flavors of Life filled with Happiness. Wishing You All Merry Christmas, and Hope So You are Having Fun With You and Your Family.

This Photo was taken during the previous winters, As usual in the winters it was a fog stricken day, with chilled weather outside and a day when people got the chance to ignite the wood to warm themselves, As i Love to Capture things and was enjoying capturing moments, i Captured the Fire and Loved Its Beauty.
Today as it's Christmas, Wishing You All A Merry Christmas and Hope So You Enjoyed The Day With your Lovable's. Enjoy The Moments With This Beautiful Tune By My Friend HIMANSHU SAINI........