Things are beautiful everywhere, you just need to see it from a new perspective. Nature always attracts us, nature redefines the love, the bond, the life.
This attraction towards this bud is seemingly graceful that we just have to look at the deep colors, to soothe our mind and to dive in peaceful space. Calming our mind, making it realize, that we all need a break to go and Hop into this universe.

The Sun was shining Bright, a Beautiful day in the mystical days of winter. The Fog shed way earlier than usual and a new bud was transforming itself into life. The Sun was in the favor and the focus was of light. As it was the winter on board we all just try a bit to get outside and explore the Beauty, the nature provides us, the sun is the only reason we stand still and give our pride to. So i too got outside and as i was roaming my eyes struck upon this beautiful tiny bud and to capture this i brought my camera and captured this pic of the transformation in life. 

Loving the Nature, Attracting it, experiencing it, is a big gift to it.