The beauty which we redeem in every step to move forward, the sky, the colors and the deemed beauty of life. The love and the passion to move forward is all we want to achieve, The trees the sky and every little aspect of life are a part of the journey. 

We Move Forward and look above, look everywhere it never changes and always stays there for us. Making us Feel special and believe that your'e not alone. We are Standing right there to Believe in you and help to take decision without fear in achieving the topmost height you can. Bit by Bit, Step By Step we Climb to the ladder and still we always see the sky above us, beautifying for no reason to love, no reason to support and facing every one.

It was a trip to Deoband (Uttar Pradesh, India), at that time i only had a smartphone with me and i was just roaming here and there just to full-fill my desire to capture a few moments. It was the marriage ceremony of my sister's friend and i was completely bored, as they all were getting ready, i wanted to explore another city and create a lovable bond with another city. So i traveled here and there, visited some parks and nearby location to explore what all i could. 

The Color of the sky was astonishing and the heart just went all along with it, devoted the presence and mind, it was like a meditation for a while and i just managed to capture a few shots, until it was dark outside. The mosquitoes were also the spikes in the way, still i loved to capture the scenic beauty of Deoband. It was just a beautifull colony and some really lovable trees which diverted my mind and attracted me to capture them.

Life is short whereas places aren't, Roaming and exploring as much as possible is all what we can do.