This Time, Its a Poem, Its My Hear Speaking Out and My Mind Wrapping It Up. I Feel We Are a Part Of The Game and We are Just Characters, Every One Living Their Role As The Main Character.......

Energising The Day, With Your Own Destiny
Loving The Way With Your Own Harmony,
Life is a Long Way Far Ahead,
Getting Spikes and Challenges on The Tread.

You'll Get Your Providence, on which you rely,
From The Dreams You Dreamt in The Sky.
Oh The Almighty, Oh The Cosmos,

I Am Your Urchin, I Am The Cause.
Fulfill My Ambition, Fulfill The gear,
Your'e The Deity, Your'e The Heir.

I Want To Elevate in the macrocosm

I Want To Turn Out The Trepidation
Want To Roam Out In The World
Finding Hearts All Of The Above.

My Intention Is To achieve My Purpose, To Love And Support All The Care Takers.

My Life is Fullfilled of Hopes, That I Will Surely Execute For All,
Unflagging The Life For the Whole Jest, Till I Am Gonna Play For Sure.

This Pic Was A Memory When I was Waiting For the Train To Pass By At The Railway Crossing and As I Was Waiting, So I Started Admiring Everything I Could See, It Was The Lights Which Attracted Me Which Went All Over A Spot In The Sky after The Sun Set Down, I Captured The Moment Of Both Landscape And Nature Where Almighty Was At Its Best.

Even Though If Life is A Game, Accomplishing Missions is the Fame and Admiring The Steps and Enjoying Life Is What Creates The Name.