Dreams are Built, Missions are Set, Accomplishing Them is only Left, Life is a Dream and it Contains a Story Ahead Which is Weaved With Every Step You Take, Every Decision Has A New Side, Entangled with Each Other Making It Alive.

Life is a cycle and we are a part of it, Clouds are dense, sun is the focusing element and it attracts us towards its beauty and light. We all are flames of fire, we all have the burning energy inside us, the desire to do all the things we love, aims which we made for our life, energizing and making them true is our only wish, the wish to get success at every point of life.

It Was The Beautiful Evening of Winter, The Winter's was almost gone and the days were being hazy, that day the sun broke the chains and was set free to flee apart and get succeed in its plan of venture. As it stood apart, the day became warmer and the clouds roamed around. As the day was about to end, i brought my camera to get a few shots of beautiful desires of the sun and the clouds which in fact became more fortunate when the bird came in between while going back to a pay the visit to its family.

Succeeding in everything is not the aim, the aim is to gather, learn and experiencing every move towards the road of entity towards your dream.