The Colors, The Beauty, The Shine, The Glory, The Actions and The Desire. Peacock, one among the most Beautiful birds of all Time. Their Shape, Their Style, The Smoothness in their skin and the feathers to say it all. 

A Day different from the Usual ones, this time it was a cousins wedding ceremony. Visiting paternal aunty's Village (Father's Sister) is always an occasion to buy some photographs for the eyes to see them, It was the marriage of my cousin sister and that day we all woke up early, got ready and arrangements were taking place for the guests as well as the food, the setups and the rush, everything was going on.

In that rush i still heard a sound which was usual for everyone living there but different for me , so in search of that sound i looked up to the sky and saw the terrace, i took my camera, steadily ran above and saw the auspicious, beautiful bird, dressed like a bride itself and giving me different looks and valuable time. So i too snatched the moment into the heart of camera and my mind, providing me the beautiful scenario of mother nature.

That Pose was the proud moment of being well dressed for life, giving the Beautiful bird its Pride.