The Bonds of valor, The Life Full of Flavor, The Matching Bond, The Life Time Love, The Every Condition Support, The Region of Mind which doesn't Bound the Strengths to overcome any HURDLE in Life.

Poverty is still a big part of the Country, Food is still a part of life, Cooperation with each other is the key and health is the life-line. We all people like to live together, share together and still there is a huge difference between the rich and the poor, everyone is different everyone has its own perspective to see life through their own eyes.

It was the Canon Photo Marathon 2016 and i was collecting pics for the perfect entry to submit in the contest, it was a hazy day and even though in the afternoon the smog was still there, then my eyes struck on a moment where this couple was cooking their meal near the JLN Stadium and still enjoying cooking with each other, the fire was set, dough was nearly prepared and same on my side the camera was set, the moment was locked which gave me this perfect moment of their life.

With every day you earn some experiences and with with every experience you owe a new story to tell everyone.