The Light Tearing apart from deep inside the leaves, leaving love and admiration for the symmetry to glow away and get focused to give light everywhere it .

Days start getting the same way once you join the college, either you are a day scholar or a hostler, its the same like you being in the school days. Wake up, get ready, catch the road and visit the temple of education, especially for the first year it is like being a children of 1st class as if you have been degraded from the class. Everyone treats you like a new born in the world of unexpected journeys.

Often these are my days, but luckily the day when i took this shoot, the first semesteral exams were over my head and i was preparing myself for the battle which i had to fought the next day, it was a preparatory leave therefore i was kinda bored studying for a while, as it was already evening i went outside, started roaming near by and admiring the nature, then i saw the sun was shining bright and it was the last peak of the sun, it was getting dressed with orange suit all over the sky, completely ready for the party and ready to say goodbye, therefore i brought my camera and focused against the light while the trees were being my shield.

I took a few shots and got carried over with the orange sky, the love it was possessing, the strength it was providing and making me enhance my hands over the energetic colors of life.

The Focus and The Glare, The Shot to Beware, The Trees with Leaf and the Focus is still too deep, Energizing the moment and still getting believed.