Walk, Run, Think Again, Beauty Everywhere, Color in The Atmosphere, Attraction Of life, Taste to Delight, Energy In The Soul, Heart Warming For Every Goal, Life Being Easy, Heart On The Stake, Energizing The Beauty With Every Step You Make.

The Colors of Life are so deep that we are bounded into it, we just get digged inside the pit and we don't realize as nothing happens with us and only the surroundings change. That Change, That Color, That Beauty and The Emotions. We Don't Realize But We Lose a Lot in The Process, Redefining The Relations, The Bond And The Love Needs the Valor and The Courage To Beautify Your Entire Life.

It Was Deep Shiny Day, The Natural Colors of Life Popping Out and Attracting Everyone Towards It, On That Day I went on a Visit to the farms and was experiencing the bond of relations and learning some new facts and figures, that was a session full of photography to me, i crawled my eyes everywhere i could and found this bug as my moment and got attracted towards its colors and beauty, having a smartphone in my hand, and therefore i captured the pic.

We Love Colors, We Attract Beauty, Heart Gets Warmed in The Process and Life Moves on with Rest.