You Roam, You Dream, You Run, Banishing Things In Every Moment, Living to Enjoy, Experiencing to Love, Tasting Life Experiencing Moments.

Food Is Life and Moments are Dreams, Beauty is Heart and Experiencing It is Life, The Colors of Each Step and The Taste is Not Of Food But It Is The Moments We live, Enjoy The Beauty and that when want to relive those precious entity every time, everywhere and learn the beauty of Flavors.

This Photo is among the pics when the spark ignited inside me to capture beauty, When i Realized the Need of Gadgets and Moments To Be captured, The New Camera was Bought and I Was Experimenting to Buy Some Squirrels inside my frame which seemed to me as impossible at that time, As I Wanted Some Pics, I Put A Few Pieces of Paratha Over the Park Girl To Attract Few Squirrels, I Waited for a Long Time and Then One Came Right There in front of me Trying To Snatch The Flavor of the Food and There I Captured The Loving Moment.

Enjoying Flavors and Tasting Every Bit of Life is The Best Dish In The World