Life Started, It Crawled, Acted Upon till the goodness of Good, It Never Paused and continued Over, Nothing Changed Only Remained a Over, Faking Boundations And Faking Hearts, Faking Anxiety to spread all over.

Why We Feel So Stressed, Why We Make Our self Immature, Why We Hate The Gift, Why We Stole for Free, Why we Get Depressed over Tiny Things, Why We Charge Our self's for Anything Disbelief. Energy Wasting For Stupid Lessons and Showing Our self's for just Being a Freak. Hating Each Other, Lying For Love, Needing Life To Get Over Each Other, Killing Aspirations, Killing The Dreams, Loosing Our Hearts and Being in the Steep.

When The Days are Cold and The Sun is The Source, Was Sitting On The Terrace, Where a Housefly came and Started Hissing Around me, I Already Had A Camera, Didn't Miss and Captured That Moment, Realized to take more and loved their pics too. Beauty is What You Can Find in Anything, You Just Have To Find It In The Deepest Corner of The Shelf.

Beauty Is The Admiration of Love and Positive Vibes Over The Beautiful Filled Life Covered With Layers Of Love