The Run, The Life, The Hectic Schedule, The Duties, The Responsibilities, The Work, The Burning Desire, The Soul and The Fight of The Dreams To Achieve and The Strive To Love.

Why are We So Busy, Why We are We Finding Goals for Life, Why Undesirable Things Are Our Dreams and Why We Fight For A Life, We Have Forgotten The Love Of Relaxing, Instead We Have A Fear Of Not Doing Anything, We Don't Have a Way Out of Loneliness, We Feel Insecure If We Are Free. Life is Too Complicated, So At This Time We Should Be Leaning To Love and Admire, Thinking Slowly, Running away from Every Complication and Returning The Fear to All Who Cease it.

The Day Was Beautiful But Smog Was Everywhere, Life Was Full But Tensed Everywhere, Went To the Park nearby CP, Where Dad Removed his Shoes, and Me Experimenting on The Loose, I Captured a Lot, But This Brought Me Feelings, a Shot Which Was Just Captured For Fun Unraveling all The Situations and All The Complexities in My Mind, Beautifying With Moments And Love.

Let's Get Free For a While, Let's Get Strong in The Wild, Lets Remain Calm Until We Decide, Beautifying The Moments of Stars and Loving All The Light.