The Sun Shines Bright and The Beautiful Rays Go Inside The Sweetness of the Heart.

A Ray of Light, A Ray of Hope,
The Sweetness of Love, The Beauty of Heart.
Rumors all over, Trees Shielding down,
The Queen of Love is What I've Found.

The Path enriching the Life, Goes Up Ahead,
way Beyond The Stars, Its Hard to Forget.
The Day of Beauty is What I've Found,
in each One's Destiny Something Lies Around.

Lying on the path, of the sweetness trail,
sun Rising up to the Peak we Feel.
Lets Must try to Reach Over There,
to Touch Our Dream so we will flare.

Energizing the soul, to keep our day,
Saving the world to help us Stay.

When The Clouds are Open in The Mist, The Scenes are Mystical and That Day When I Took This Pic It Was Among Those Precious and Beautiful Moments, As Soon as Tried Capturing Few Pic I Got This One Among Them 

Dreams are The Real Truth, Reality Is Still Your Choice