Miserable Beauty, mystical dreams, beautiful life, energizing aspirations, paths of life, drastic ways, different worlds, hap-tic feedback, work to do, limit being the sky, beauty all over by.

The day starts, the fight begins, the beauty comes all over, the rise of the Amid stream, the love being all green, the time started back, the hope ever lasts, thinking of the style, reuniting the hope and the happiness, going back to the road we chose, Traveling to make life better, daily packing the bag , stretching the back moving freely and strengthening the body to give a boost to get things in life. Enjoying each and every moment spreading joy in every while.

As The Days Started Rolling again, The College Life Reinstated, and The Journey Begins Towards a New Step, This Pic Has Been Taken By Me in The Route That I was Covering For Reaching Home Again, A Pic in The Roadways Bus. As Everyone was Waiting For Their Destination, I Didn't Hesitate Even Once To Capture This View. And as Every View Counts, This Pic Also Had a Story Behind It.

Never Run Away From The Perfect Moments, Gadgets Are Never Going To Ruin Your Photography, Its All our View, Its All Your Charm