The Colors, Deep Darkened Inside, The Beauty of the Alcoholic Light, The Taste Which Makes Us Divine, Inside The Love Of Our Own Cuisine. Lets Bath Into The Showers Of Natural Light, Giving Our Heart A Delightful Design.

The Birds are The Natural ambassadors of the Sky, The Boss Is Everyone who Knows How to Fly, The Skills and The Techniques are Opportunities to Reach the top, Branches Of Light Creating a Stop, Trees and Their Branches are equally in support to the desire of Love And the Dreams we built in the galaxy of unknown is what we reel. Designs and The Curves, Taste Of Every Love, Footpath to The Success and a unknown Dream in the Closet.

Its The Evening of The First Day Of The Year, The Love and 2017 being welcomed all overcoming over the fear, The Sun Was Being Welcomed by the Murder of Crows and I Hoped in To Catch it all, My Ambitions were to take a steep step ahead and capture the Beautiful Life, Fools were all those Who Ran Away From The Light, I captured a Few Shots Every-time i believed in which i got this Candid Shot of The Free, The Ambitions of The Crow to Be The Eagle in The Group Leading Towards The Heap of Something New.

Nature is The Beauty we All Should Admire, Its The Beauty that We All Desire, Capturing The Moments Just Give a Lifetime Memory and The Energy with it Stays All Over The Spree.