When The Winter is at Its Peak and Beauty Is In The Fog, The Chill, The Peaceful Color and The Scent of Freshness Spread All over With Hearts Winded Away

Sometimes We Just Let Our Heart Blow Away, And Let Our Desires Flow In, No Conceptual Thinking Only Dreaming, Fulfilling Beauties and Energy on the Run, Beautifying Every Concept and Carving All The Fun, The Run Is in The Life, The Heart Is In Your Beauty, Foggy Weather Out But Still Clean Inside The Shout, Blissful Life and A Unusual Revile.

Winters Are Special and So Was That Day, The Early Morning Rise and My Heart Gone Wild, Saw The Beauty and Ran Away To Experience The Fun, Reveling The Truth Hidden Behind Every Corner, Capturing Life, Experiencing Dreams, Open Eyes Still Wandering Wide, No Fear For The Cost Of This While, Loving The Look, Admiring The Flow That Wandered and Flowed Me Inside The River of Care.

Beauty Is At Every Step, Energy At Every While, Braving Yourself Enough To Get Unified.