The Valleys of Shine, The Mindset in A While, The Ray of Life, The Beauty of Light, Reality of Curves, The Protection of The Stuff, The Remembrances of Facts, The Solid in Terms of Carvings of Knowledge.

Words are Phrases, Beauty is The Phrase, Sentences in The Alphabets Tend To Change, We Rely on The Path To Roam Everywhere, Finding Answers to The Questions That Really Aren't Strange. Lets Focus on The Path, Lets Focus On The Brain, Books Are Banks, Vaults Filled With Grain, Knowledge in The Form of The Grain.

Captured This Moment, Captured The Light, In The Alone Corner of The Library in A Single Sight. Moments are Remembered, Every Time We Stay So I took My Smartphone, Captured The Moment In The College Library To Reunite The Light, Reunite The Focus, Book Shelf's at The Corner Is All What I Can Say.

A Knowledge Database is What We Tend To Find, But Being In The Library is Also a While. Books of Love, Topics Being Vast, Rest Is All Which Depends On The Past.