The Colors Too Deep, The Heart Through Which It Peep, The Energy It Bounds and The Light Where it Crowns, Face Being The Target and Our Hands The Bow, Arrow The Path Through Which The Waves of Love Flow with The Happiness Surrounding Rain All Over. 

Occasions are Love, Festivals Are Deep, Heart Going Mad, The Flow Of Life, The Energy and The Guide, The Vibrant Behavior in Every Color, The Attractiveness of Red, The Beauty in The Green, The Wide Spread of Blue, The Stinging of Yellow and The Love in The Pink, Every Color Being So Bright, Every Expression Making It Right and The Heart Going Wild.

Holi The Festival of Hope, Holi The Festival of Color, Again a Festival of Good Over Bad, A Hope To Reunite Friends and Relations, Enjoying Livelihood and Loving Every One, Moments were Captured When It Was Early Morning and The Colors Were Kept on The Table, And The Other One When We all Enjoyed The Festival and Created  The Bonds of Love.

Holi is a special time of year to remember those who are close to our hearts with splashing colors! The Colors of Hope, The Festival of Love,