Shhhh….. Keep Silence – Ashish Sandhu

Written by Ashish Sandhu


The Secrets Yet Unfold, The Beauty And Its Gold, The Deep Flavor Of Love, The Valor Spread And Yet Sold, The Secrets Spreading Rumors And The Silence Reverbing Its Amplitude, Loudness At Its Peak and Still Its Pitch at The Steep. 

A Place To Have Your Heart Summoned So Deep, A Place Where The Silence And The Words Are Which Only Speak,The Energy Spreading Wide And The Sound Immersing Deep, Life at The Heart, People Learning From Their Start. Motive And The Aim Being One, Knowledge Gaining Rights To Learn Whats In The Feed.

The Day I Visited The Library, The View I Just Liked, Captured It Just As A Whole And Learning The Deep Meaning Of All. I Saw A New Perspective, Took My Phone, Turned The Silent Mode on and Just Captured The Beautiful View of The Coordination With The Pen, The Calculator and The Board Of KEEP SILENCE.

Age is Just an Number, Learn From The Deep Heart, You’ll Never Regret a New Start.



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